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Paulette Tawil a'h and Shelly Cohen a'h on her wedding day Feb, 1971

Paulette Tawil a'h and Shelly Cohen a'h
on her wedding day Feb, 1971

Supporting our rabbis and staff

We strive to compensate our rabbis and staff with respectable salaries. We take great efforts in ensuring that reality. But we need your help. Please join in with us in this matching campaign to support our school and our staff.

Our school mission

Our mission is to build future generations that will continue to follow the ways of our beautiful heritage throughout our illustrious community. We strive for every student to experience a personal connection to learning, which will serve him a lifetime. Through an exceptional education in both religious and secular studies, we create a path for success for each student. Together with our professional staff, uniquely developed curriculum, and creative educational techniques, we hope to create a strong foundation for the future.

Our Schools


Our early education preschool division focuses on developing social skills, basic knowledge, and an appreciation for Torah values,all given within an exciting and fun atmosphere. Our staff is devoted to creating a positive and warm atmosphere that is conducive to the growth and advancement of each child.

Elementary school

The elementary school division trains students to prosper within a rigorous dual curriculum.Our skill-based learning style empowers each child to reach his full potential. Within a loving and warm environment, we challenge and nurture each student to do his very best.Our dedicated staff strives to instill in our students, Yirat Shamayaim,a love for תורה and מידות טובות ,along with academic excellence.

high school

At Mekor Haim High School, we not only educate, we stimulate each student to have a personal love and connection to his learning.Through warmth and inspiration, our Rabbanim and teachers cultivate each of their students’ unique personalities. Our commitment to the individual, insures that he is prepared for future success.

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