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Is it really custom?

Yup, everything from the strategy, to the layout, to the functionality. Using design and UX/UI principles.

What do you mean by custom functionality?

Often campaigns have a specific request that they'd like that they're not able to achieve with the other out-of-the-box fundraising platforms. We aim to achieve them.

But I hate computers!

No need to do a thing. The entire online campaign is set up for you.

What do I have to take care of?

All we need is some basic information from you, and the rest we'll take care of.

How much does it cost?

Since it's custom, each project varies, but in general competitive pricing.

Can I track the campaign?


What if I need to make adjustments?

Absolutely. Even during campaign.

I'm confused about how this whole thing works.

No need to read a manual or watch a bunch of training videos. We'll walk you through how it works and take care of the rest.

Have a great day!

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